Everyone knows the foundation of every great paint job involves preparing the house before primers and paints are applied. We know the exact types of deterioration your home experiences because we’ve painted so many like it. From sanding to caulking and sealing, we use the right techniques in the right order with the right products to ensure your paint job will last. Your vision is our vision and we are expert at helping select a color scheme that you will be proud to show off to family, friends, and neighbors.


Properly Paint & Protect Your Home

combination of priming and finish paints with the right number of coats is what will protect your home for the long term. Whether you are looking for a scrubbable paint for high traffic areas or low odor/low-VOC eco-friendly paints, our skilled painters will apply only the best products available for your home’s specific needs.


Perform Quality Repairs

We never paint over problems. Our prep processes will uncover any damage and we are expert at all forms of common water stain, plaster, and drywall repairs. We also strip wallpaper as well.


Communicate Simply and Clearly

We never keep you in the dark. Depending upon your preferred communication method – in person, on the phone, via email or text – we are happy to update you regularly on what we have done, how things are progressing, and what will happen next.


Respect Your Time and Property

You are inviting us to your home and your trust in us is appreciated. We go the extra mile to continue earning that trust by protecting your property, showing up when we say we will.


Deliver What Was Promised

When it comes time to pay the bill no one likes to find it is more than they were quoted. That’s why we start by creating a highly detailed proposal with a fixed price for the stated work. The price we give you is the price you pay. If unforeseen circumstances require changes to the scope of work we will discuss the changes with you and agree on a new scope of work and pricing prior to the additional work being performed.

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